Element card for assessment element G0003 in HTA Core Model Application for Diagnostic Technologies (1.1) application

G. Organisational aspects


What kind of staff, training and other human resources is required?


It has to be clarified what kind of staff is needed, and whether the existing staff can be trained or extra staff must be brought in. A new technology can bring along the need for extra staff when extending the ongoing activities in the organisation or when there is a demand for special expert knowledge. It must be considered if there will be a need to increase or decrease the amount of the staff. The implementation of a new innovation can mean change in job satisfaction. It could make some tasks monotonous or bring along new boring job descriptions. It is crucial that there is not just one person familiar with the new technology. If just one person has been trained for a new technology, there is a risk of loosing know-how when he/she leaves the organisation (or moves to other tasks).

Systematic reviews (and other studies), reports of the hospital or hospital districts and other qualitative research methods



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