Element card for assessment element E0001 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

E. Costs and economic evaluation

Resource utilization

What types of resources are used when delivering the assessed technology and its comparators (resource use identification)?


In order to do an economic evaluation all types of resource utilization must be identified. The study perspective determines what kinds of resource utilization must be identified. A societal perspective implies identifying all kinds of resource utilization irrespective of who pays for the resources or whether the costs are born inside or outside the health care sector. If a health care provider perspective is applied, then resource utilization paid for by the patient is not relevant and if a health care payer perspective is applied, non-health care costs should not be taken into account. In identifying the resource use of a screening programme, the screening test, further examinations and treatments, as well as administration and organisation of the screening programme need to be taken into account.

Health care registers and databases, RCT’s with resource utilization data, reimbursement databases, micro-level costing studies/ABC-costing studies


A0011, A0013, A0014, A0015, A0016, A0017, A0018) G0001, G0003, G0004, G0005, G0006, G0007, G0010, B0007, B0008, B0009

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