Element card for assessment element F0012 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

F. Ethical analysis

Justice and Equity

What are the consequences of implementing / not implementing the technology on justice in the health care system? Are principles of fairness, justness and solidarity respected?


A new intervention may require reallocation of human resources, funding and training. A large reallocation of resources may seriously jeopardize other patient groups. How this reallocation affects the existing health care system has to be studied for all stakeholders? Can the technology be applied in a way that there is equal access to those in equal need and who would equally benefit for the programme? How can this be guaranteed? Could potential discrimination or other inequalities (geographic, gender, ethnic, religious, employment, insurance) prevent access? Are specific safeguards needed? How will possible caregivers’ burden and well-being be influenced? Potential inequalities and discrimination should be justified. Screening technologies sometimes acquire significant symbolic value (e.g. fetal ultrasound, PSA) that may create demands for tests that are not justified on health grounds.

Literature search. Expert opinion. Stakeholder hearing


Cost-effectiveness. Organisational. Social

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