Element card for assessment element G0001 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

G. Organisational aspects


What kind of work flow, participant flow and other processes are needed?


Current tasks and work processes and participant path should be described. Preparations participants need to do before and after the intervention (e.g. diet before bariatric surgery) must be taken into account, as well as need for self/home monitoring. There are many actors at different levels (intra-organisational, inter-organisational and health care system level) in the process. Continuity should be ensured so that there will be no gaps between the steps of the process. It has to be described how the screening process has been organised, e.g.: 1) how the target population is chosen, 2) how and by whom the invitation is carried out (open/fixed invitation, announcement/personal invitation letter), 3) how and by whom the information for consent is given, 4) how, where and by whom the test is executed, 5) how, where and by whom the further investigations and treatment are carried out, 6) how, when, and by whom the follow up services are carried out (e.g notifying results, recalls, reminders ).

Literature search, guidelines, annual reports and statistics, reports and own study (e.g. questionnaires and interviews of different actors)


Mandatory: A0007, A0023, A0011, A0013, A0014, A0015, A0016, A0017. Other: B0004, B0005, B0016. Order of doing: to be answered prior to E0001

Kristensen 2001, Kristensen 2007