Element card for assessment element G0012 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

G. Organisational aspects


What kind of quality assurance is needed and how should it be organised?


A new technology usually have an effect on current quality assurance not only inside the organization but also outside in different health care levels. To assure the quality, a monitoring system with standards and indicators are needed. Screening involves asymptomatic participants and therefore quality control is crucial. There are national, regional and/or (cross)organisational (screening unit) demands for quality assurance. Quality control needs to be systematic at every step of the screening process steps and throughout the screening programme. Acceptable delay from screening test to test positive result and finally to treatment must be specify. Special attention has to be paid to the control when the programme is provided by several providers (e.g. a combination of private and public health care organisations) when test and further investigations are separated.

Literature search, annual reports and statistics reports of hospitals and own study: questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, laboratories). Information from manufacturers. .


B0012, C0007