Element card for assessment element G0006 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

G. Organisational aspects


What kinds of investments are needed (material or premises) and who are responsible for those?


Implementing the required changes in e.g. premises may be costly for the organisation. High costs can influence the decision of purchasing the new technology. There may be division of costs so that some organisation(s) take the acquisition costs and others the running costs. Investments of all steps and actors of the process must be perceived. When building up a new screening programme, there's need for many investments (e.g. equipments, education and implementation support, training).

Literature search, guidelines, reports and documents of hospitals and hospital districts and manufacturers (e.g. producer handbook), own study: questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the screening process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, laboratory)


A0011, A0012, A0019, B0008,, D0023, E0001. Order of doing: to be answered prior to E0001.

Kristensen 2007