Element card for assessment element G0007 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

G. Organisational aspects


What is the likely budget impact of the implementation of the technology for the payers (e.g. government)?


Whenever a technology is reimbursed, there will be an impact on the health care budget. Budget impact analysis examines the likely impact of the reimbursement of the technology on financial outlays from the perspective of the payers (e.g. government). Different payers include: government, region, municipalities, employer, insurance company or participant. Payer can change during the management process. Incentives are connected to this issue: What kind of incentives the budget impact imposes on different actors? How this potentially impact on the organization? Payer could change during the screening process (e.g. municipality pays screening test but hospital district pays further investigations). Screening is usually free of charge for people, but sometimes participants have to pay e.g. hospital fee for further investigations. It must be noticed that when building up a new screening, initial costs are needed.

Literature search, reports questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the screening process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, laboratory), information from manufacturers.


A0011, E0001

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