Element card for assessment element G0010 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

G. Organisational aspects


How is the technology accepted?


Acceptance should be looked at by different perspectives: by organisation, by personnel and by participants. Organisational view can be separated out intra-organisational (primary care), inter-organisational (secondary care) and health care system level. In all these actors/views acceptance could vary. Alternative ways to introduce a new technology into the organisation could influence problems e.g. resistance among staff and dysfunction of processes. Acceptance could vary in the same screening process for example in foetal screening someone accepts ultrasound but not chromosomal (serum) test. Example of organisational acceptance: Sometimes screening could consist of elements which are not suitable for the image of the organisation. Screening is voluntary and for persons eligible for screening both decisions are right decisions: to participate or not. Giving understandable information on pros and cons of screening is important. Communicational skills of personnel may have an influence on acceptance of screening.

Literature search, own study: questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the screening process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, screening units, laboratory, staff, participants).


F0007, H0006

Finohta's EUnetHTA workshop 2006, Kristensen 2007