Element card for assessment element H0006 in HTA Core Model Application for Screening Technologies 1.0 application

H. Social aspects


How do patients, citizens and the important others using the technology react and act upon the technology?


Micro sociological aspect: This issue is about the attitudes, perceptions, preferences, and satisfaction of the patients, citizens using the technology and their important other in relation to the technology. This covers whether, from a patient perspective, any positive or negative issues arise as a consequence of using the technology e.g. feelings of unity or empowerment and existential experiences, e.g. insecurity, worries, hope, anxiety, stigmatisation, person's value as a human being or social status, courage to face life, satisfaction, changes in self-conception.

Search for existing literature review, or collect primary studies and if possible conduct a litterateur review, or, if relevant data is not available, conduct a primary study; if there's no time for primary study, the opinion of health care professionals, patients, citizens, or important others can be consulted.


Effectiveness and Ethical Domains

ICF 2001: body functions: mental functions (chapter 1:b110-b199), environmental factors: attitudes (chapter 4:, e410-499), Whyte 1997