Element card for assessment element E0011 in HTA Core Model Application for Pharmaceuticals (2.0) application

E. Costs and economic evaluation

Characterising heterogeneity

To what extent can differences in costs, outcomes, or ‘cost effectiveness’ be explained by variations between any subgroups using the technology and its comparator(s)?


If applicable, describe differences in costs, outcomes, or cost effectiveness that can be explained, e.g., by variations between (pre-defined) subgroups of patients with different baseline characteristics or other observed variability in effects. Providing the results in tabular form is recommended, but graphical representation using, e.g., ‘Forest’ plots may also be useful.

The methods used in any sub-group analysis should be reported in detail here.

Relevant sources of evidence are specified under relevant issues under domains Safety and Clinical effectiveness , as well as from within the Costs and economic evaluation domain.






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