Element card for assessment element G0101 in HTA Core Model Application for Pharmaceuticals (2.0) application

G. Organisational aspects

Structure of health care system

What are the processes ensuring access to care of the new technology for patients/participants?


Access to care is often measured in terms of utilisation. There are different viewpoints: individual, population-specific and health system factors. Access to care is related to e.g. social, cultural, economic, organisational, relational or geographical factors.

Access to care by wide definition includes availability, accessibility, accommodation, affordability and acceptability.

This issue is related to the issue of acceptability of new technology (G0010)

Literature search, guidelines, reports and documents of hospital and hospital districts, health information databases (DRG etc.), own study: questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, laboratory, participants).


A0001, H0012