Element card for assessment element A0002 in HTA Core Model Application for Medical and Surgical Interventions (2.0) application

A. Health Problem and Current Use of the Technology

Target Condition

What is the disease or health condition in the scope of this assessment?


Relevant for all assessments. Especially when effectiveness depends on the subtype, stage or severity of the disease. Use the target condition and ICD codes defined in the scope of the project and consider adding details such as: description of anatomical site, disease aetiology and pathophysiology, types of disease or classification according to origin, severity, stages, or risk level, and different manifestations of the condition. The following properties of the target condition are defined in separate assessment elements: risk factors (A0003), natural course (A0004), symptoms (A0005), and burden of disease including prevalence and incidence (A0006).

Sources: text books, HTAs, guidelines, epidemiological reviews or studies, WHO documents, disease registers. Method: A descriptive summary.


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