Element card for assessment element D0016 in HTA Core Model Application for Medical and Surgical Interventions (2.0) application

D. Clinical Effectiveness


How does use of the technology affect activities of daily living?


Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is used in rehabilitation as an umbrella term relating to self care, comprising those activities or tasks that people undertake routinely in their every day life. The activities can be subdivided into personal care and domestic and community activities. Report the results both in absolute terms and relative to the comparator. For further information see guideline  Health-related quality of life and utility measures http://www.eunethta.eu/sites/5026.fedimbo.belgium.be/files/Health-related%20quality%20of%20life.pdf,  and guideline: Endpoints used for relative effectiveness assessment of pharmaceuticals, clinical endpoints http://www.eunethta.eu/sites/5026.fedimbo.belgium.be/files/Clinical%20endpoints.pdf

Trials and observational studiesreporting ADL outcomes