Element card for assessment element E0006 in HTA Core Model Application for Medical and Surgical Interventions (2.0) application

E. Costs and economic evaluation

Examination of costs and outcomes

What are the estimated differences in costs and outcomes between the technology and its comparator(s)?


For each technology report mean values of estimated costs and effects together. There are numerous ways of highlighting or comparing the differences in the costs and effects of the technologies under assessment, typically, one or more of the following outcomes or approaches are used when reporting the results of health-economic evaluations:

- listing the cost and outcomes of each technology in tabular form

- an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER)

- an incremental cost effectiveness plane or efficiency frontier

- the net monetary benefit (NMB) and/or net health benefit (NHB)

Report the approach(es) and data source(s) used to estimate the of costs, outcomes, or economic evaluation(s) associated with the technologies.

Relevant sources of data and evidence are specified in the relevant issues under the domains Safety , Clinical effectiveness and Costs and economic evaluation (bringing together the information collected in assessment elements E0009 and E0005). For example, ICER estimates from a de novo economic model could be reported, synthesising inputs from the Safety , Clinical effectiveness and Costs and economic evaluation domains.


E0001, E0002, E0005, E0009

E0001, E0002, E0005, E0009

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