Element card for assessment element H0012 in HTA Core Model Application for Medical and Surgical Interventions (2.0) application

F. Ethical analysis

Justice and Equity

H. Social aspects


Are there factors that could prevent a group or persons to participate?


Can the technology be applied in a way that gives equal access to those in equal need? How can this be guaranteed? Could potential discrimination or other inequalities (geographic, gender, ethnic, religious, and employment, insurance) prevent access? Potential inequalities and discrimination should be justified. Issues of access to a technology as well as labelling and potential discrimination of persons receiving and not receiving treatment should be considered.

Are special groups discriminated?. Ethical and social issues have often been considered in academic articles and discussions in the HTA field, but they have rarely been translated into practice.

Implement the best available evidence about social restrictions, social pressure, social attitudes


SHARED with SOC domain H0012

Legal domain

G0009, G0101



See social domain