Element card for assessment element G0004 in HTA Core Model Application for Medical and Surgical Interventions (2.0) application

G. Organisational aspects

Health delivery process

What kind of co-operation and communication of activities have to be mobilised?


Co-operation and communication is crucial for fluent patient pathway. Implementing a technology can demand new co-operation and communication in- and outside the organization, e.g. other hospitals, pharmacies and manufactures. Therefore structure of co-ordination is important. Also, interaction and communication with patients/participants and their important others could change. Adaptation of self/home monitoring needs close co-operation and fluent communication.

Literature search, guidelines, reports and documents of hospital and hospital districts, guidelines, own study: questionnaires and interviews of different actors of the process (monitoring authorities, hospitals, hospital districts, laboratory, participants).


B0014, B0015, C0063, D0023,H0010, H0007, H0008, H0009, H0013, I0002

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