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  • LEG21: Are Genetic Tests for breast cancer subject to acquisition regulation?
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Are Genetic Tests for breast cancer subject to acquisition regulation?

Authors: Marina Casini, Emanuela Midolo, Marco Marchetti

Internal reviewers: Judite Neves, Ana Bação, Vesna Kovač

The domain methodology used for this question has been collection, selection and analysis of European norms and sentences.

At the European level there are different norms on the subject of breast cancer: P5_TA(2003)0270 the Resolution of European Parliament on breast cancer in the EU (2002/2279(INI){18}; The Recommendation of the Council concerning screening for cancer from 2.12.2003, whose implementation came with the Report of the Commission of the Council of the European Parliament to the European economic and social committee of the regions from 22.12.2008; The European Code vs. Cancer; the Recommendation concerning cancer screening in the European Union by the consultative committee on the prevention of cancer after the conference on screening and on the first appearance of cancer held at Vienna the 18–19 November 1999; and the Resolution of the European Parliament of 6.05.2010 on the communication of the Commission “Action against cancer a European partnership”.

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