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  • CUR8: What are the symptoms at different stages of adenomas and/or CRC?

What are the symptoms at different stages of adenomas and/or CRC?

Authors: Mirjana Huic, Eleftheria Karampli, Silvia Florescu, Cipriana Mihaescu-Pintia

Internal reviewers: Laura Cacciani, Sophie Brunner, Esther Kraft

Symptoms of adenomas


Polyps in the rectum and sigmoid often present with rectal bleeding. More proximal lesion rarely produce symptoms and most are diagnosed on barium enema, CT colonography or on colonoscopy performed for screening. Large villous adenomas can present with profuse diarrhoea with mucus and hypocalcaemia {1-3}.


Colon cancer symptoms

Colon cancer of left-side presents most commonly with rectal bleeding, altered bowel habits (constipation, intermittent diarrhoea, tenesmus, narrowing), abdominal or back pain. Cecal and ascending colon cancers more frequently present with symptoms of anaemia (50% of right-sided lesions), occult blood in stool or weight loss. Possible complication varied from perforation, fistula, volvulus, inguinal hernia {1-3}.


Anal cancer accounts for 1-2% of large-bowel cancer. Women are more commonly affected than men. Presents with bleeding, pain, and perianal mass {1-3}.


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