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  • CUR26: How many people belong to the target population in Europe?

How many people belong to the target population in Europe?

Authors: Mirjana Huic, Eleftheria Karampli, Silvia Florescu, Cipriana Mihaescu-Pintia

Internal reviewers: Laura Cacciani, Sophie Brunner, Esther Kraft

The data about number of target population for colorectal cancer screening in Europe are retrieved from already published literature data and EUnetHTA JA2 Surveys conducted in 2013.

In EUnetHTA Partners Survey, data from only 9 countries was available, including data for two Italy regions. Only 1 Manufacturer responded on EUnetHTA JA2 Manufacturers survey.

According to the 2008 Report on the Implementation of the Council Recommendation on Cancer Screening (58), in 2008 the target group included approximately 136 million individuals suitable for CRC screening (aged 50 to 74 years). Of this number, 43% individuals came from 12 countries where CRC population screening was performed or being prepared on either national or regional levels; 34% came from 5 countries where national population screening has been implemented (Finland, France, Italy, Poland, and United Kingdom). In 7 EU countries, national non-population based screening was carried out, which covered 27% of the target population.

The target population in the countries for which information was provided through the EUnetHTA JA2 Survey (2013) is :


≈ 1,320,000

Italy (Lazio region)

1,649,561 (2012)


Italy (Veneto Region)

1,210,000 (2012)


≈  540.000


16-17 million


4,926,951 for the 2013 plan


10,851,924 (2013)




at least 185,000


About 1/3 of the population 45+



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