Result card

  • CUR25: What is the reimbursement status of CRC screening with FIT across countries?

What is the reimbursement status of CRC screening with FIT across countries?

Authors: Mirjana Huic, Eleftheria Karampli, Silvia Florescu, Cipriana Mihaescu-Pintia

Internal reviewers: Laura Cacciani, Sophie Brunner, Esther Kraft

Data about reimbursement status of CRC screening with FIT are provided by EUnetHTA Partners and Manufactures, and are presented below according answers from EUnetHTA Partners survey and EUnetHTA Manufacturers survey.

Data from EUnetHTA Partners Survey

Eleven EUnetHTA Partners provided data on FIT reimbursement for their respective countries; FIT is fully reimbursed in all cases where FIT is used as part of a CRC screening programme (5 countries, please see also Result card CUR12).

In specific, FIT is used in the Regions of Veneto and Lazio in Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia and Spain. FIT is also reimbursed in the Austrian province of Burgenland in the framework of the CRC FIT-based screening programme (no details for reimbursement are available).



Data from Manufactures Survey


Full reimbursement of the FIT test in the case of organised CRC screening activities by the National Public Health System was also reported by one Manufacturer that responded to the EUnetHTA survey (Sentinel Diagnostics, manufacturer of FOB Gold®).


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