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  • SAF9: What kind of occupational harms can occur when using FIT?

What kind of occupational harms can occur when using FIT?

Authors: Agnes Männik, Irena Guzina, Petra Jandova, Leonor Varela Lema, Gerardo Atienza Merino

Internal reviewers: Matthias Schwenkglenks, Ingrid Wilbacher

The domain literature search was used.

We found no studies that addressed occupational harms of FIT and gFOBT.

Universal precaution recommendations include the use of gowns to protect the skin and clothing from contamination with feces during procedures. Gloves should be worn during all procedures. Prolonged use of latex gloves may cause skin sensitivity, contact dermatitis or latex allergy. Both conjunctivitis and systemic infection can also occur from touching the eyes with contaminated fingers or others objects.

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