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  • TEC8: What kind of special premises are needed to use IVIG?
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What kind of special premises are needed to use IVIG?

Authors: Jesús González-Enríquez, Nadine Berndt, Houria Mouas

Internal reviewers: Romana Tandara Haček, Mirjana Huic, Anna-Theresa Renner

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IVIG infusions are usually given every 3 to 4 weeks and usually require three to four hours for infusion to the patient. Therefore, comfort measures during the infusion are needed, especially if side effects occur (medical bed or chair, blankets or pillows).

The infusion of IVIG are usually administered at hospital or in a health care facility at least during the first infusions with one brand, when it should be performed under strict medical supervision, with a medical doctor accessible at all times during IVIG transfusion and with resuscitation equipment available, in an area where the patient can be easily observed and monitored {ACT Health, 201; Younger MEM, 2012}{33,37}.

Under some specific conditions and in case of no occurrence of adverse reaction, subsequent IVIG infusion could be performed in the “home setting” if supervised by an experienced nurse.

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