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  • ORG11: What management problems and opportunities are attached to IGG?

What management problems and opportunities are attached to IGG?

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There is not information available about management problems of IVIGs for AD as this treatment has not been approved for AD but as an experimental therapy. In general, for various other conditions there is some information. The IVIG therapy is usually administered in hospitals or hospital-based outpatient clinics under clinical protocols, and is usually based on national policies {National Blood Authority} {7}.

By the management viewpoint the most critical points is to ensure availability of the IVIG products. There could be problems within the supply of IVIG. It is prepared from the purified plasma immunoglobulins of large numbers of healthy donors. The process of plasma into IVIG takes about 9 months. Solution to the problems of supply includes new manufacturing process, use of recombinant technology to produce IVIG, or an administration of specific antibodies in place of IVIG { Loeffler} {8}.

In addition, it has to be ensured that there are appropriate policies and procedures for the whole process. For example, IVIG products need specific storage and prescribing requirements and detailed documentation of infusions. {National Blood Authority} {7} (Refer to TEC 7 and TEC 10).

Adequate training and skills of the personnel have to be ensured. The personnel need specific knowledge and skills of treating patients with IVIG. Training of administrating IVG includes e.g. knowledge of infusion technique and use of equipment, as well as identification of possible adverse reactions of the product. (Refer to TEC 13).

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