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  • ORG13: How is IGG accepted?

How is IGG accepted?

Authors: Pseudo117 Pseudo117, Pseudo451 Pseudo451, Pseudo136 Pseudo136, Pseudo262 Pseudo262

Internal reviewers: Pseudo291 Pseudo291, Pseudo340 Pseudo340

None of our included studies provided information on this topic.

Pseudo117 P et al. Result Card ORG13 In: Pseudo117 P et al. Organisational aspects In: Jefferson T, Cerbo M, Vicari N [eds.]. Use of Intravenous immunoglobulins for Alzeheimer’s disease including Mild Cognitive Impairment [Core HTA], Agenas - Agenzia nazionale per i servizi sanitari regionali ; 2015. [cited 2 December 2022]. Available from: